Show and tell time

Black Bar Digital Portfolio

We’ve made some friends over the years working on some great projects.
Here’s a quick sample of some of those friends, and what we’ve done for them.

Personal Portfolio

Because not every shutter press needs to be paid for.


Minneapolis, MN

Magic Wizard Staff is a local Minneapolis based start-up looking to inject engineering magic into fantasy weapons, to add a whole new level of interaction with these unique pieces of art. They had an idea, they had prototypes, and they had a plan. They needed to build the identity of the company, so they approached us for work creating a logo, company graphics, product videos, and more.

After discussing styling, we used an iterative process to build a logo they were happy with. It’s bold, distinguishable, and perfectly captures the companies culture and style.
The idea for Magic Wizard Staff as a successful start-up company hinged on the product that they would be delivering. It was important that the initial prototype’s developed had fast, iterative development cycles where they could quickly be improved upon, demonstrated, and displayed to potential customers to collect information for the next development cycle.

This meant the product photos and video shoots had to be rapid, on a budget, and clearly demonstrate the product.


Malmo, MN

Cabin rental needing customer visibility

Nestled just off of Lake Mille Lacs, Borden Creek Sunsets is a cabin rental open to fisherman, family retreats, and adventurers looking to explore one of Minnesota’s most beautiful lakes.

They were in need of rapid turnaround on location photographs, social media set-up, and print advertisements in order to get the cabin reservations started. We delivered early, and the cabin rental is now flooded with reservation requests.


Old school print works best.

It’s all about knowing your customer. And sometimes your customer likes to stop and check out cork boards at the local cafe.

Hey there’s nothing wrong with that!
We love cafes, and we love dirt cheap advertising.

Earl E. Bakken


Minneapolis, MN

The Earl E. Bakken Medical Devices Center at the University of Minnesota is an interdisciplinary program that combines basic research, applied and translational research, education and training, and outreach and public engagement all related to medical devices. It’s housed in an 8,000 ft facility in the east bank campus Mayo building, and fulfills a unique need in the campus with their wide range of prototyping and educational services.

The Medical Devices Center was seeking out talent to assist them in updating their outdated facility tour video, as well as someone that could be on hand to assist with digital media when needed.

The Bakken MDC Internship Program is a chance for local medical device companies and medical professionals at the University of Minnesota to have their device realized by undergraduate and graduate engineering students. It’s an outstanding program that drives medical device innovation in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area.

The center needed headshots for all 28 interns, group shots, and presentation coverage.


Robbinsdale, MN

Loads of Laundry is a coin operated laundromat located in Robbinsdale, MN that was looking for an overhaul of it’s website. Rival Marketing was chosen to complete the website face lift, and since BBD has a close partnership to fulfill multimedia graphics needs for Rival Marketing, we handled the location photography for the site. Using original content, high quality media, and photos purpose shot for a website gives a big edge in SEO, as well as value to the site’s visitors.

These photos were delivered fast, at a great value, and successfully fulfilled the need. You can view Loads of Laundry’s website here. 

Cinemagraph: Still photographs in which a minor and repeated movement occurs, forming a video clip. They are published as an animated GIF or in other video formats, and can give the illusion that the viewer is watching an animation.
Cinemagraphs are “living” photographs: a mix of static image and video, looped infinitely without any visible breaks or edits.